Before I die I want to …

1- Stand under the “Hollywood Sign”

2- Read a Book in Central Park

3- Get a tattoo

4- Go parasailing

5- Dance under the start

6- Go on a road trip with friends

7- Own a polaroid camera

8- Eat a pizza in Italy

9- Own Jeffery Campbell Litas

10- Learn how to surf

11- Party in Ibiza

12- Ride a Gondola in Italy

13- Get my braces taken off

14- Go to Vegas with my friends

15- Put a piece of gum on the gum wall in Seattle

16- Have a paint fight

17- Get kissed under a waterfall

18- Date a british boy

19- Write a book

20- Party in Upper East Side

21- Bungee jump

22- Visit the walk of fame

23- Spend Christmas in London

24- Name a star

25- Give people a reason to remember my name

26- Find out who the red coat is

27- Become less shy

28- Stop being so afraid and start living instead

29- Have friend from all over the world

30- Make people happy

31- Meet Leighton Meester  

32- Kiss Robert Pattinson

33- Get an apartment with my best friend

34- Have a dressing room

35- Break a world record

36- Try Yoga

37- Not be single on Valentine’s Day

38- Find beauty and Happiness in little things

39- Camp on the beach

40- Date a celebrity

41- Visit Madrid

42- Get a small tattoo that means a lot

43- Meet Pretty Little Liars Cast

44- Go to a Spa

45- Learn to sing

46- Know who it feels to be loved

47- Meet Ian Somerhalder

48- Go to prom

49- Get in a taxi and yell “follow that car”

50- Meet One Direction

51- Go to Canada

52- Visit Thailand

53- Die with no regrets

54- feel beautiful

55- Ride an elephant

56- Dance tango in Buenos Aires

57- Have perfect teeth

58- Host a Halloween Party

59- Ride a camel in Egypt 

60- Kiss underwater

61- Change the world

62- Graduate college 

63- Be a famous lawyer 

64- Go to New-York fashion week

65- Go to Russia

66- Buy my parents a new house

67- Go to Times Square 

68- Save a life

69- Take ballet lessons

70- Conquer my fears

71- Swim with dolphins

72- Visit Scotland

73- Play beer pong

74- Go to music festival

75- Change someone’s life

76- Spend the night at the beach 

77- Ride fist class

78- feel confident in a Bikini 

79- Sneak out at night to be with my friends

80- Find love in hopeless place

81- Help children in Africa

82- Go on a Banana boat

83- Visit Taj Mahal

84- Live in a Penthouse

85- Hold a Koala

86- Hug Niall Horan

87- Own an iPad

88- Participate in a color run

89- Get drunk with my best friends

90- Write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years

91- Jump in a pool fully clothed

92- Send a message in a bottle

93- Learn to dance like Shakira

94- Tell him I’m in love with him

95- Grave our names in a tree 

96- Speak fluently German

97- Victoria’s Secret make-up bag

98- Celebrate St-Patrick’s Day in Ireland

99- Walk in a Water Walk Ball

100- Do everything in this list


And you ? What do you want to do before you die ? :)